Articles & Reports

Blueprint on Sustainability of the EU & BR Coordinated Calls within H2020

This BluePrint Sustainability report, building on direct experience developed during EU-Brazil successful initiatives, provides elements to support sustainability paths and therefore suggests some    

Cloud technology options towards Free Flow of Data

Erkuden Rios, Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, MUSA project and DPSP Cluster coordinator.
Bernd Prünster, Bojan Suzic, Graz University of Technology, SUNFISH project.
Elsa Prieto and Nicolás Notario, Atos, WITDOM project.

Recommendations towards a Policy Action Plan on “green ICT“

Trust-it services, deloitte sustainability.

PANACEAresearch ( launches new website to move beyond the state of the art in cybersecurity healthcare

The initiative’s website will host the innovative solutions that will be developed during the project lifetime (January 2019 through December 2021) and beyond.

EFAS Annual meeting in Norrköping, Sweden 13-14 March 2018

The EFAS 13th annual meeting was held in Norrköping, Sweden. It was officially opened by Mr. Rolf Brennerfelt, General Director at SMHI.

Trust-IT cited by national daily, Il Sole 24 Ore for its innovative solutions

Trust-IT Services has been cited by Italian national daily, Il Sole 24 Ore, as one of the leading organisations in Tuscany recognised for the quality of services and the unique work.

Final Technical Report of the study “Clouds for science and public authorities”

Carried out by IDC and Trust IT on behalf of the European Commission DG Connect.

Co-authors: Silvana Muscella, Nicholas Ferguson, Stephanie Parker

Six months to Brexit - how scientists are preparing for the split

Seven researchers and campaigners tell Nature how Britain’s break-up with the EU is affecting research.

EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Action Plan for an increase in EU-Brazil science & research cooperation

The plan draws on policy strategies, analyses  current progress in contributing to international targets and defines actions for future collaborative research.

ETSI Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) - Final Report, December 2013

Contributors: Silvana Muscella, Stephanie Parker