Become part of the EUDAT, EGI and INDIGO-DataCloud Consortium for H2020 e-Infra-12-2017 call


EUDAT – the pan European Collaborative Data Infrastructure – together with EGI and INDIGO-DataCloud aim to address the current fragmentation of the data and computing e-Infrastructure landscape through a call for private and public partners developing and/or providing thematic services that support open science research workflows.

Selected applicants will join the EUDAT-EGI-INDIGO consortium to prepare a proposal to be submitted as part of H2020 e-Infra-12-2017 topic “Data & Distributed Computing e-Infrastructures for Open Science”.

This call heavily contributes to shaping the future open science and open research data infrastructure landscape. In fact, the project is an open, service-driven endeavour that will link users to the production services of the EOSC initiative. EUDAT partner organisations play a crucial role to the realisation of the EOSC and many of them are involved in the EOSC pilot project (, tasked with the responsibility to design the EOSC starting from this month, so that by 2020 the HLEG-EOSC members wish is realised – an EOSC by 2020.
Read this report by the EC to fully understand the EOSC’s goals and impact. 
If you are interested in submitting your proposal, download the related documentation and apply by January 27 (further details available here).
Publication date: 18 Jan 2017