CESSDA ERIC adopts a more user centred approach in its redesigned service website

06 Nov 2018

Trust-IT Services and COMMpla have delivered the new digital home for the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) - a European research infrastructure consortium (ERIC) for social sciences, allowing them to effectively engage their community and stakeholders. 

The production of the website immediately follows our rebranding work that provided CESSDA with a brand new image more in line with its evolving role in the ERIC's community. The website is built upon three pillars: user-driven design, more accessible tools and services, and future-proof concept.

These new developments are also very timely as the research infrastructure consortium also intends to play a larger role, through its services, in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), which is also due to launch this month. The focused, community-tailored services of CESSDA intend to play a prominent role in the EOSC services to store, manage, analyse and reuse research data and discoveries, across borders and scientific disciplines. 

We ensured that CESSDA's digital services offering is in line with their broader EOSC goals as they further synchronise their services with EOSC.

User-centric approach

To deliver a user-centric CESSDA website and portal, our team took a deep look at CESSDA's community and its specific needs.

We worked together with CESSDA to understand its stakeholders and how CESSDA should engage with them digitally through their website. 

Branding of tools and services

Trust-IT and COMMpla have helped CESSDA has repackage and brand its tools, assets and services to be more recogniseable and user friendly through the CESSDA Data Catalogue platform, the Data Management Expert Guide, and Training Portal

These tools and services have been categorised by user group and are easily findable from the home page itself. 

Future-proof concept

CESSDA's new website has been developed with open source tools, allowing it to be open for new functionalities and integrations. The agile content management system used to power the website is designed to allow for the ERIC's future plans of delivering additional user-oriented tools and services which are expected in the coming 24 months.

Visit CESSDA's website & view the services for yourselves!