Trust-IT is an international marketing & research organisation specialised in fostering Information and Communication Technology solutions across Europe and globally

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, and related technologies like big data, mobility, social, and the Internet of Things, represent a sea change in information technology. Yet all too often, the focus on the cloud is technological and qualitative, rather than business-oriented and quantitative. Clearly identifying the business value and quantifying the benefits of cloud computing means organisations can make the appropriate allocation of capital and executive attention.

Trust-IT has been a prime mover in cloud computing for over six years. Spearheading the highly successful Cloudscape series in 2009, and playing a leading role in VENUS-C, and now our coordination of CloudWATCH are just a few examples of how we have gained expertise and a reputation for bringing together all the right constituencies to take a practical approach to cloud computing.

Our expertise covers

  • Assessing Cloud market trends, cyber security and impact on eSkills, directly and regularly interacting with some of the top experts in Europe and the U.S.
  • Analysing European research and innovation on cloud, making us the first to capture the next wave of trusted cloud services.
  • Identifying and promoting the business value of cloud with a focus on what consumers of cloud services really want.
  • Hosting the annual Cloudscape workshops, working with a distinguished programme committee to deliver a compelling agenda.
  • Helping to address challenges to adoption, lowering the entry barrier for small firms through legal tips and working with top European experts on service level  agreements (SLAs).
  • Ensuring international insights, working with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on common goals such SLAs, impact metrics and cloud procurement.
  • Working with relevant standards groups on key issues such as privacy, security, trust and cyber security.

“The contribution of ICT to competitiveness via corporate strategy alignment is important in firm competitiveness, regional competitiveness and growth through job creation, infrastructure development, ecosystem clusters, thus guiding economic and regulatory policies”, Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics, Cloudscape VI (2014) Position Paper.

A sample of our work