Trust-IT is an international marketing & research organisation specialised in fostering Information and Communication Technology solutions across Europe and globally

Cybersecurity & Privacy

In a world where progress is strongly driven by technology and interconnection, cyber-crime represents a serious obstacle to business growth and scientific advance. At Trust-IT we have developed high expertise in the area of cybersecurity and privacy: our knowledge ranges a full 360° and covers the technological aspects as well as the policy, economic and social implications of cyber attacks.

Deep knowledge of the cybersecurity scenario across the European countries, and a solid network of trusted professional relationships with relevant stakeholders worldwide in fields such as cyber insurance, the European legal framework, and cybersecurity management platforms, allow Trust-IT to stand in a unique position in the complex cybersecurity scenario. From this position Trust-IT gained a holistic vision which allowed us to ideate and extensively contribute to the development of a series of services for cyber risk management and cybersecurity assessment delivered as on line tools, such as CyberWISER Light, Essential & Plus. The mission of Trust-IT is to democratise cybersecurity and privacy solutions and make them accessible to SMEs by fostering a culture of risk management and an informed approach to cyber threats.

Trust-IT actively participates to EC-policy discussions on cybersecurity & risk management and is involved in a series of projects and initiatives   to ensure that cyber-risk management is at the very heart of good business practice, benefitting multiple industries, in particular SMEs.     

Trust-IT is also committed to the wide uptake of cybersecurity standards, to ensure interoperability of solutions and improved resilience to cyber crime: this encompasses the analysis of best practices, definition of technical requirements, and the assessment of architecture designs.

Trust-IT also contributed to the collection of user requirements towards the definition of a common reference model for cloud service level agreements, and developed a set of on line tools to guide the community (in particular SMEs) in making informed decisions around SLAs.    

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