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Data e-Infrastructure

It costs £500,000 to do each physical test of a car crash, and it's not repeatable. It costs £12 to run a virtual simulation of a car crash, and it’s fully repeatable, so it can be used to optimise the design of a vehicle." Andy Searle, Head of Computer Aided Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

e-infrastructures support the research process as an innovation cycle, where to ‘out-compute means to out-compete’ while saving money, time and effort. Such e-infrastructures comprise networks, data repositories, computers, software and skills as essential tools for research and development both in industry and across an increasingly wider range of research disciplines. Many e-infrastructures are now working towards new sustainability and business models with clear advantages for academe, industry, SMEs and suppliers.

Trust-IT is involved in a series of data e-infrastructure initiatives where it supports the communications, outreach, training, sustainability studies and digital strategies to achieve the aims and goals of these initiatives. It works with e-infrastructure providers and data practitioners worldwide to support the provision of national, pan-European and global e-infrastructures. Trust-IT’s expertise in this field goes back to its involvement in the EGEE project, right up to today’s activities with EUDAT, iMarine and the Research Data Alliance Europe and global.

"In today’s world, the services provided by the e-Infrastructures for Research are essential for progress in any type of research. Such e-Infrastructures include high-performance and high-throughput computing, high-end storage, advanced networking, middleware services such as authentication and authorisation, and services to support research workflows.” e-IRG White Paper 2013

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