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Data Management

Global sharing of data is gradually becoming an integral part of our lives: having smart access to a wealth of structured data is a key enabler for many of our daily activities, although we may not be aware of it.

The data revolution is in its full blast and with it the opportunities for scientific progress are literally exploding. Only a real change of perspective will allow us to fully exploit this incredible potential. We, at Trust-IT believe that data is like a parachute: it’s only useful when it’s open.

In line with our vision of a future world of open and interoperable data, Trust-IT is deeply involved in The principal global initiative to enable seamless sharing of interdisciplinary data: the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and its European plug-in, RDA-Europe.

RDA is an international organization focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities to reduce barriers to data sharing, and to accelerate data driven innovation worldwide. It engages over 4300 members from more than 110 countries, representing all stakeholders from academia, industry and government; it has a community-based nature, with dedicated working and interest groups addressing specific aspects of the multi-faceted data challenge. Concrete solutions are being proposed, experimented and adopted.

With its unique blend of competences ranging from digital communication, to community engagement strategies and research and policy analysis, and covering also technological skills, Trust-IT plays an active role for the success of the data revolution by supporting RDA to achieve its vision of researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society.

We communicate open data concepts at all levels: making sure a culture of data openness is taking hold, ensuring full engagement of all stakeholders, acting as liaison among all the working and interest groups, guaranteeing the overall consistency of solutions, interacting with policy and standardisation bodies, and pushing for the uptake of the outputs and the outreach of its concepts, to ensure full sustainability of the solutions.

As a dynamic and proactive SME, Trust-IT is strongly concerned about saving time and resources while maximising results. For this reason we are committed to democratize leading edge technology and science innovation developing free tools that turn research results into accessible services for business, and in particular for SMEs allowing them to exploit research outputs and boost their competitiveness. 

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