Shapes Research and Innovation in Cybersecurity and Privacy Shapes Research and Innovation in Cybersecurity and Privacy


The European Project Radar was showcased today 14 November 2019 at the Cybersecurity For Europe 2019 event in Toulouse, organised by the CyberSec4Europe project.

A mapping and visualisation tool with filtering capabilities including cybersecurity taxonomy definition, project maturity status, and technology readiness level, the European Project Radar provides a complete overview of 150 current and past EU-funded cybersecurity and privacy R&I projects, effectively representing the full landscape of European cybersecurity research and the state of the art in this field.

The European Project Radar was demonstrated by coordinator Nicholas Ferguson during the panel session “Recommendations for Cybersecurity Research and Innovation”. aims to become the European observatory for research and innovation in cybersecurity and privacy. To facilitate cross-project information exchange and the sharing of best practice, the project website also houses a Project Hub in which each active or completed EU-funded research project may autonomously furnish and update tools and information such as project status, key outputs, and demonstrations.

CyberSec4Europe is one of four large-scale projects funded by the European Commission’s DG CNECT to establish a new European cybersecurity industrial, technology and research competence network and centre in preparation for pending cybersecurity regulations.


Publication date: 14Nov2019