Fostering a culture of cybersecurity & an informed approach to data protection for all

For the past five years Trust-IT has focused its attention in building Cybersecurity & Advanced Internet based Services & Knowledge Management solutions. It has contributed extensively to the development of CyberWISER Light, Essential & Plus which are cyber risk management tools developed within a H2020 Innovation Action project named WISER

Trust-IT has both contributed to the concepts of these tools & delivers the UX (User Experience) and some of the technical components to these innovative, online services within the WISER framework.

Trust-IT co-authored the EU initiative: “European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity & privacy”, to showcase European excellence in cybersecurity & privacy products and services, an SME end-user club, marketplace & a catalogue of R&I Services.

PANACEAResearch is a people-centric cybersecurity in healthcare initiative that delivers a complete cybersecurity toolkit. Trust-IT delivers the communication toolkit and engagement strategies to its stakeholders.

Moreover, it lends its copywriting skills to delivering governance frameworks on cybersecurity issues, assessing current institutional and cyber governance frameworks with a detailed mapping of the rules, procedures and standardisation implementation in order to identify gaps and shortfalls.