ICT Standards: Your Innovation Bridge

ICT Standardisation has dramatically changed over the last decades. Alongside traditional standardization organisations, specialized and mostly global fora and consortia have emerged as world leading ICT standard development bodies that are developing the vast majority of standards for the internet, the World Wide Web and more recently for cloud computing, cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and blockchain. 

Trust-IT works with a number of these relevant standards groups worldwide to analyse and promote standardization mainly for cloud computing strategies, cybersecurity & privacy, & 5G. Moreover, we in our efforts as prime interface to the H2020 StandICT.eu project that Supports European experts’ presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT. 


Following OGF-EUROPE’s success, Trust-IT delivered SIENA (Standards and Interoperability for eInfrastructure Implementation Initiative) to accelerate and coordinate the adoption and evolution of interoperable DCI. A Roadmap on distributed computing infrastructure for e-Science and Beyond in Europe, endorsed by European Commission (EC) Vice-President Neelie Kroes was its lasting legacy. 

In parallel to SIENA until 2012, Trust-IT led the communications and strategy around VENUS-C (Virtual multidisciplinary EnviroNments USing Cloud infrastructures), which developed and deployed an industrial-quality, service-oriented platform based on virtualisation technologies to serve research and industrial user communities. At the time, Trust-IT was one of the first organizations to pilot the organisation and running of an Open Call Process under the 7th Framework Programme, today known as Cascading Grants modules.

Consumers want freedom in the cloud and cybersecurity & privacy is absolutely crucial. Without the right standards in place, we simply cannot protect data, avoid vendor lock-in and enable consumer control.

What’s more, standards are increasingly seen as a bridge between research, innovation, and the market, and as a means of capturing and disseminating knowledge.

Our expertise is widely recognised and we are now also working towards concrete implementation for cloud security, 5G and developing a relevant #StandardsWatch through StandICT.eu that aims to be a one stop environment to demonstrate that standardisation activity supports a global market creating opportunities for European businesses and consumers and it is achieved via the most appropriate routes and organisations.

StandICT.eu  Jan 2018 
Trust-IT co-authors the EU project StandICT.eu & provides a platform for a dynamic #StandardsWatch and #Grants platform to strengthen the position of EU interests, to successful applicants to effectively contribute to and benefit from, and influence the global standardization landscape. 

5GEnsure  Nov 2015  
Trust-IT supported analysis of 5G security standardisation, e.g. 3GPP; ETSI, coordinating collaboration with NIST. Co-authored input to ITU Study Group 17 (Security). Part of programme committee for workshop on 5G security during ETSI Security Week 2017. Broad engagement with standards specialists globally. 

Global5G.org  July 2017 
Trust-IT leads activities in the 5G Infrastructure Association Pre-Standardization WG. Part of a Task Force with major EU industry associations to drive standardization across vertical industries. Develops an online Standards Tracker covering vertical and common requirements. Publishes showcases on EU contributions to 5G standardization, e.g. 3GPP, ETSI. Supports globally harmonized standards through the 5G-IA International Cooperation Stream.