Introducing the EOSC Portal onboarding procedure at Realising the EOSC conference

16 Dec 2020

The three Horizon 2020 projects EOSC-hub, FREYA and SSHOC joined forces and organised the successful virtual conference "Realising the European Open Science Cloud" in November 2020.

The four-day event welcomed the enthusiastic participation of social science and humanities researchers, data experts, research funders, policy makers, and representatives from research infrastructures, service providers, research libraries and archives, the EOSC ecosystem, and ESFRI cluster projects.

On Tuesday 17 November, Owen Appleton (EGI, EOSC-hub) chaired a dedicated session on how to onboard services into the EOSC Portal, welcoming Carsten Thiel (CESSDA, SSHOC), as well as Bartosz Wilk (CYFRONET) and George Papastefanatos (University of Athens) — both involved in the EOSC Enhance project.

The session provided an overview on the current state of service onboarding into the EOSC Portal and the overall strategy and approach taken. Carsten Thiel offered insights on the experience of moving from a project to a set of services that can be sustained and onboarded. George Papastefanos presented the new and improved Providers Dashboard which is used for the onboarding process. Bartosz Wilk concluded with an introduction of the upgraded EOSC Portal Catalogue & Marketplace. Please find the full recording of the session below.

You can learn more about the new release of the EOSC Portal in the series of webinars organised by EOSC Enhance, rewatch the first webinar here.

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Publication date: 18 Dec 2020