Low Carbon ICT

Promoting sustainable business models for reducing ICT energy & carbon footprint

Leveraging on our long lasting experience in community-development & policy-uptake initiatives in innovative sectors of the ICT industry around the world, Trust-IT is putting its know-how, technical, marketing and communication skills at the service of the Low Carbon ICT field.

Trust-IT is committed to promote and foster a sustainability culture among SMEs by allowing easy access to internationally recognised methodologies and developing a self-assessment tool to support SMEs in the practical calculation of energy and carbon footprint, to help organisations in being energy efficient and reducing their carbon footprint.

With the objective to further motivate interest of the industrial stakeholders (particularly, European SMEs) for measuring the energy and environmental efficiency in the ICT-sector,  Trust-IT is involved in the development of a set of on line tools including an efficient on line first level help desk to facilitate the comprehension of complex carbon footprint methodologies, and a meeting platform of buyers and sellers to promote and access sustainable solutions. 

The central focus of Trust-IT is to design, adapt and implement a sustainable business model for Low Carbon ICT.