A new chance to become greener: attend ICTFOOTPRINT's Workshop on Green ICT in Amsterdam - 20 March 2018

A new chance to become greener: attend ICTFOOTPRINT's Workshop on Green ICT in Amsterdam - 20 March 2018

The last ICTFOOTPRINT webinar on How to ecodesign digital services? was only last week, but we are already looking forward to the next big event for a greener ICT.


On 20th March 2018ICTFOOTPRINT will hold a free Hands-on Workshop Event on Green ICT in practice in Amsterdam, one of Europe's biggest green metropoles. The event is organised in collaboration with Green IT Amsterdam at TQ premises, an innovative start-up in Amsterdam city centre, and is open to innovators, ICT intensive SMEs wishing to become Green ICT friendly, researchers, policy makers and funding agencies looking to assess future priorities and challenges in Green ICT, as well as Public Administrations and larger organisations.

The workshop will be divide in 3 parts:

  1. The first part will be dedicated to policy and public administration interventions on national policies and programmes and a state of the art of measures that are being taken in Green ICT in the region.
  2. The second part of the workshop will showcase best practices from the ICTFOOOTPRINT.eu marketplace of reputable Green ICT tools and services available to help companies become better in ICT energy efficiency, including a Q&A open discussion.
  3. The third part will be an interactive training session with participants who will complete the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Self-Assessment Organization tool accessed here: http://sat-o.ictfootprint.eu/ and will provide user experience feedback with our experts. 

By attending this workshop, not only will you walk away with a clearer understanding on how to become Greener in ICT, but you will also be able to assess if there are national funding opportunities for you, take home your organisation's self-assessment tool (free of charge), become a member of the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu marketplace and much more.  

Green ICT should become everyone's priority and it is now affordable for SMEs too. 

Register now to the free workshop or find further information here.



Publication date: 06Mar2018