Advancing SSH Research with SSHOCingly good and sustainable resources

21 Jul 2022

From January 2019 to April 2022 SSHOC transformed the current social sciences & humanities data landscape with its disciplinary silos and separate facilities into an integrated, cloud-based network of interconnected data infrastructures. 

The Trust-IT team led the programme committee, in designing the programme to showcase the results achieved, lever on the valuable synergies built and learn about user stories from the community. There was also time to reflect on policy & sustainability issues and look towards the future. 

The SSHOC Final Conference brought together 290 stakeholders of which 90+ joined in Brussels from  Research infrastructures, Researchers, Research Libraries and Archives, EOSC key-players, industry and policymakers from the Social Sciences and Humanities and beyond. Together with LIBER, Trust-IT led the organisation of the hybrid event, and was proud to provide a seamless experience for both on- and offline participants. 

While the sessions focused on the impact and context of the developments within the project, the programme committee wanted to invite researchers to test and use the tools and services, find new uses for them, and document their experiences. They devised the SSHOC’n Tell challenge, six teams told the story of their experience with one of the SSHOCingly good and sustainable tools.

The Trust-IT video team interviewed key people in the project as well as important stakeholders from the EC, ESFRI cluster projects and EOSC Future. We caught the highlights of the event and interviews in this summary video:



Looking for a picture from the F2F event? You can find them here at our Flickr account.


In close collaboration with project partners the Trust-IT team graphically designed and published the post-event report, full of takeaways and considerations from each session. You can download it by clicking on the following image! 


Our role

Trust-IT is one of the SSHOC Partners and leader for communication and dissemination activities. In the lead-up to the hackathon, we have helped in organising the event, prepared the promotional materials and handbooks for participants, defined the contest and promo. 

The Trust-IT team carried out promotional campaigns on social media and across relevant channels and communities to spread the word and attract teams. We supported the technical management of the public virtual meetings that took place for the hackathon kick-off, training, as well as the final pitching and award event.

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Publication date: 26 Jul 2022

Article by

Valeriya Fetisova

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist