AGITE launches its new website during the 2022 European Year of Youth

AGITE launches its new website during the 2022 European Year of Youth


Trust-IT services, supporting COMMpla, proudly announces the launch of the new AGITE website. AGITE (Associazione GInecologi Territoriali) is the national gynaecologists’ association that aims to promote activities in gynaecology throughout Italy and to represent gynaecology within scientific and administrative institutions.


AGITE (Associazione GInecologi Territoriali): what is it and what does it do?

The association acts as a repository for scientific documents and articles on gynaecology and offers various benefits to its gynaecologist members, such as being part of an active community of peers and professionals able to come together to support each other through constant professional updates and participation in events and webinars. 

The website is a valuable resource both for gynaecologists and private citizens. Indeed, an entire section of the AGITE website entitled “Spazio giovani” (Youth area) is dedicated to raising awareness among young people around topics of extreme importance for this time in their life, such as abortion, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer prevention and more.
All the content-rich articles are freely accessible by the website visitors who can browse the topics and the articles, share them on social media or through emails, read the sources and discover other useful websites.

The 2022 European Year of Youth

The launch of the AGITE website with its “Spazio giovani” section is a great way to kick-start the 2022 European Year of Youth aimed at offering young people more and improved opportunities in a future that is greener, more inclusive and digital.
In particular, The AGITE website is aligned with the priority highlighted in Youth Goals #5 to achieve better mental health and increase the well-being, thus promoting social inclusion of all young people from all over Europe. 


COMMpla's role

The entire AGITE website was developed by COMMpla following an agile methodology focussed on the creation of an enjoyable User Experience (UX), starting from wireframing and mock-up prototyping to the final delivery of a website that highlights the various sections in a way that makes it easier for the users to join the association, understand its benefits, browse its content-rich articles, join the association’s events, subscribe to the newsletter and much more.



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Article by

Luigi Colucci
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Publication date: 03Jan2022