Business in Space: ESA launches new website with the help of Trust-IT Services

Business in Space: ESA launches new website with the help of Trust-IT Services


The Business in Space Growth Network (BSGN) website has been launched, opening up a new chapter in Europe’s relationship with our solar system. 

BSGN is an initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) which is promoting the development of a market for the commercial use of human-tended platforms in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), thereby contributing to the emergence of and transition towards a sustainable LEO and Lunar economy. 

Space has an enormous, but generally unknown, potential for commercial research and development (R&D). The value of doing such experiments in space is huge in terms of reduced time and therefore reduced costs, since space conditions can accelerate the experiment execution for things such as the development of pharmaceutical products (i.e. crystals), R&D for drug development and testing, or biology tests on cancer cells using microgravity.

BSGN wants to identify, understand, and activate new user communities in an effort to probe non-space markets for their potential to deliver scalable space-enabled applications, services and products. To help reach these new user communities in non-space markets, early-stage projects that demonstrate a clear commercial use case but require further assistance will be incubated with the development and financial investment to become success cases.


Our role

Trust-IT Services has been involved in the full process of the site's development, following a rigorous UX framework: from interviews with stakeholders and end-users, through the definition of the website personas as well as wireframing and mockup prototyping, to development, and from content creation to usability testing.

Working closely with the staff from ESA, our team created a custom website to meet the specific needs and requirements of the BSGN project.



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Publication date: 26Nov2021