Cloudscape Brazil: From Secure Cloud & IT Services to Market Innovation Leadership

Cloudscape Brazil: From Secure Cloud & IT Services to Market Innovation Leadership

23 Jul 2019

Trust-IT Services, as the communications, community engagement and policy partner of the joint EU-Brazil cloud project ATMOSPHERE, successfully organised this year's Cloudscape Brazil 2019 last week 15-16 July 2019, at the Centro Convenções Amazónia in Belém, Brazil.

The active and engaged community resulted in 13 demos, 15 position papers, 6 posters and featured 35 different speakers tackling expectations and future policy vision in ICT between Brazil and Europe, how to transform leadership in science into leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship, cloud as a generator for the next wave of technologies and how it shapes innovative IT developments and the ATMOSPHERE User Journey: new spectrum of trustworthy services usable by a diverse set of organisations, across different business sectors.

Key points

During the event, the importance of High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, advanced manufactuing and application for smart cities, health and mobility and cybersecurity, as new frontiers that will greatly benefit Brazilian and European societies, has been emphasised. 

Cloudscape Brazil's coordinating function, providing a platform to synchronise EU-Brazil initiatives and showcase achievements from joint technological investments was also praised by EU Delegation - Brazil representative Carlos Oliveira and Brazilian Computing Society President Lisandro Granville.

A post-event report will be published by ATMOSPHERE in its website within the next weeks.


The event was held in conjunction with CBSC 2019. The event, now in its 6th edition, was dedicated to using secure cloud & IT services into market innovation leadership.

In recent years, Cloudscape Brazil has become the playground for other EU-BR initiatives SMEs that, together, have been developing and delivering ICT services with a positive impact in the transatlantic economy.

The event also provides a platform to brainstorm about what are the priorities for the next IT policies, between Brazil and Europe, to turn these two regions into frontrunners in ICT landscape across the globe.

Trust-IT Services Marketing Analyst, Researcher and Project Manager Rita Meneses was on the ground to oversee the conference.

Publication date: 23 Jul 2019