Creating access services to increase HPC and Data capacities

Creating access services to increase HPC and Data capacities


Launch of the new PHIDIAS Video

22nd January 2021, Pisa Italy, PHIDIAS (Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services) releases a new video to spotlight the main advancements of the project, the expected outcomes of three Use Cases for the European HPC community with a view to elaborate and provide a fully-fledged prototype of HPC/Data Infrastrucuture for On-demand Services.

Radar images observing the Earth's land surface have become an essential source of information to address and analyse environmental issues. The diversity of Earth observation sensors makes it possible to have access to an unprecedented high-quality amount of data. The key challenge is to provide scientists and users with approachers and capacities to deal with all available information.

"PHIDIAS is devoted to the data processing to use a supercomputer to process a large volume of data coming from a satellite to promote the HPC infrastructure around Europe", Boris Dintrans, CINES Director and PHIDIAS Project Coordinator

The new PHIDIAS video displays the main features and technical development of the three Use Cases:

  • Use Case 1: Intelligent screening of a large amount of satellite data for detection and identification of anomalous atmospheric composition events,
  • Use Case 2: Processing on-demand services for environmental monitoring, and 
  • Use Case 3: Improving the use of cloud services for marine data management.

The project responds to the needs of harmonising existing resources and leveraging established e-infrastructure to support excellence and global impact of European science and research through AI and High-performance cloud computing and data management facilities.

The video, produced by PHIDIAS partner Trust-IT Services, shows how an HPC workflow-based suite of components can address and provide effective solutions to support data-driven science throughout the research lifecycle, from data acquisition to research data management, to Open Data sharing.

Learn more about HPC initiative on Earth Science cases. Watch the PHIDIAS video now!

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Publication date: 25Jan2021