Enhance your research with the EOSC Portal Marketplace

Enhance your research with the EOSC Portal Marketplace


The EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace promotional video has been created to show the latest services and features developed within the EOSC Ecosystem by the EOSC Enhance project (Grant Agreement no. 871160).

The video intends to increase awareness about the EOSC marketplace’s features and their potential, especially for researchers, the public sector, and industries.

Our role

As communications partner in EOSC Enhance, Trust-IT defined the objectives of the video and undertook the various steps of the video’s development.
The video displays the EOSC Marketplace Scientific Domains and Categories, and then shows the EOSC Marketplace and all the different filtering tools that can help potential users find the resources they are looking for. 

Once we had defined this structure we shared it with our partners to gather other ideas and collaborate for a polished final product. Once the video was finalised by our in-house video production team, we planned a video Ads campaign to further increase the reach and impact of the video.  

The impact of the videos 

Videos are the most viewed content on the web. According to Forbes, by 2022 online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic

This clearly shows the key role that the videos must have in each communication strategy. Videos are generally used to improve people's awareness about a product or service or to introduce a specific topic.
Within EU-Funded Projects, videos are generally used to widen awareness about a project's achievements and to increase the project’s audience and connection with the industry environment.

That’s why a good number of videos should always be part of a good communication plan.


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Publication date: 19Nov2021