An enhanced EOSC Portal for the European research community

An enhanced EOSC Portal for the European research community

An enhanced EOSC Portal for the European research community

The Horizon 2020 EOSC Enhance successfully concluded its 24-month mission, announcing the launch of its second release for the EOSC Portal, one of the main gateways to information and resources in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The EOSC Portal is a key hub in this ecosystem, currently consisting of three main components.

  • The content component ( - Featuring updates on EOSC, the projects contributing to its realisation, relevant European and national policies, documents, tutorials and support materials, and other content.
  • The provider component, also known as Providers Portal ( - Where providers can register their profile and onboard resources into the EOSC Catalogue, contributing to developing EOSC into a rich environment in support of researchers.
  • The user component, the EOSC Marketplace ( - The user interface for researchers to find and access a wealth of services and resources, onboarded into the EOSC Catalogue.

EOSC Enhance completed its requirement gathering activity and implemented the subsequent transformations to the EOSC Portal, based on the actual needs of the research community. Through the second year of the project, more video tutorials were shared, while the Providers Documentation section was updated and enriched with relevant information. Feedback mechanisms were improved in order to allow users and providers to get in touch with the development team more easily and have their voices heard.

This release is the final result of the EOSC Enhance project wrapping up two years of intense activity for a 15-partner strong consortium, coordinated by the University of Athens with the support of EFIS Centre.

Our role

Trust-IT coordinated a series of enhancements that were implemented on the EOSC Portal Content Component, serving as the main gateway to the other areas of the Portal:

  • An improved login functionality at the top now allows users to remain logged in when moving from one component of the Portal to another, a further step towards a better user experience.Through heat mapping views we were able to gather important feedback from the user community.
  • Based on these insights, several parts of the website were revamped, such as a clickable map of Europe to learn more about Open Science policies, or the new view for EOSC use cases which are submitted directly by the community.
  • Newsletters were also featured in a new dedicated section on the website, allowing users to retrieve all past editions and not miss any key updates about the EOSC Portal.
  • In the second year of the project, we gave users and providers the ability to produce their own content, submitting EOSC-related news or events, as well as the possibility for providers to create promotional articles for their resources available on the Marketplace.
  • One of the final contributions of Trust-IT to EOSC Enhance was the creation of a video to help raise awareness about the EOSC Portal beyond the current EOSC community.

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Publication date: 03Dec2021