EOSC Portal To Receive Boost From EOSC Enhance Project

EOSC Portal To Receive Boost From EOSC Enhance Project

EOSC PORTAL to receive boost from EOSC ENHANCE

Trust-IT is mandated to fulfill communications and tasked with supporting increasing demand and widening the user base for EOSC services, data and resources in a newly launched project. Active as of 1 December 2019, EOSC Enhance will develop the functionality of the EOSC Portal (eosc-portal.eu), one of the key components of the European Open Science Cloud.

To improve and enhance the discoverability of the EOSC services and resources, further augment the EOSC catalogue, and enrich the EOSC data offering by connecting the thematic clusters and clouds currently in development, EOSC Enhance will collaborate closely with the EOSC Executive Board and Working Groups and also with users, service providers and existing EOSC-related projects. This will enable all stakeholders to play an active role in the co-design of the portal specifications.

Says EOSC-Enhance Project Manager Carmela Asero of EFIS Centre, technical coordinator of the project, “EOSC Enhance will build on the achievements to date of past and ongoing projects such as EOSCpilot, eInfraCentral, OpenAIRE-Advance, EOSC-hub and CatRIS. To bake robustness into the EOSC Portal, we will apply the emerging EOSC Rules of Participation, focusing on specifications, guidelines, tools, and APIs to link service and resource providers, and facilitate the interoperability and discoverability of services and resources across scientific disciplines”.

According to Silvana Muscella, CEO of Trust-IT & chair of the previous High-Level Expert Group on EOSC [2017-2018], the final “Prompting an EOSC in Practice” report[1] contains nine implementation recommendations for the EOSC portal. She says, “It will be encouraging to see how many of these take shape in the timeframe of the EOSC Enhance implementation plan. We thoroughly look forward to supporting this project with the other stakeholders involved”.

Members of the EOSC Enhance consortium, led by the University of Athens, have significant experience in the e- and data infrastructure arena and include EFIS Centre, JNP, CYFRONET, the University of Manchester, EGI, EUDAT, GEANT, OpenAIRE, and Trust-IT Services as well as representatives from each of the ESFRI Cluster projects – ICOS, CESSDA, CNRS-LAPP, EMBL, and Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL).  The cluster projects are ENVRI-FAIR, SSHOC, ESCAPE, EOSC-Life, and PANOSC.

The consortium partners met in Brussels on 9 January 2020 to discuss implementation of the workplan.

Publication date: 10Jan2020