European workforce of tomorrow: cyber ranges in practice

European workforce of tomorrow: cyber ranges in practice


Three cybersecurity projects working on cyber ranges have recently joined forces to contribute to fill the gap in skilled cyber personnel and cope with the ever-evolving threat landscape.

CONCORDIA is a cluster of three EU H2020 research projects, CONCORDIA, SPIDER and FORESIGHT organised under the umbrella of the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster programme (HRB).  The projects address complementary areas of the cyber security training sector with a specific focus on cyber ranges.

Collectively, the projects aim to interconnect Europe’s cybersecurity capabilities into a network of expertise to help build a secure, trusted, resilient and competitive ecosystem, thanks to set of dedicated cyber ranges to train cybersecurity professionals at various levels under realistic conditions, enhancing their readiness to prevent, detect, react and mitigate sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The CONCORDIA cluster has been highly supported by who contributed to carrying out a series of joint dissemination activities and in particular the organisation of a joint webinar “Training the EU workforce of tomorrow: Cyber ranges in practice” on the 17th of May 2022.

The webinar was focussed on the key outputs of the projects, with a very high level of interest from the public demonstrating the èpotential impact of cyber ranges and their relevance in building resilience against a growing landscape of threats. 

Support for the workshop was provided through the following actions:

  • Conceptualisation of the overall event idea.
  • Definition of the event format.
  • Extensive Stakeholders Campaign.
  • Elaboration of Graphic elements for the web channels.
  • Practical management of the event.

Horizon Results Booster: Steering research towards a strong societal impact

Trust-IT Services, project coordinator, has embarked on a challenging and exciting new adventure called the Horizon Results Booster, coordinated by META-Group and involving, together with Trust-IT Services, other three partners: BDO Italy, ECORYS, ICONS and PNO consultants as subcontractor.

The project follows on from the Common Dissemination Booster (CDB), which Trust-IT coordinated from Sep 2017 to Jun 2019, demonstrating the great potential European Research and Innovation (R&I) projects have when they are clustered for the purpose of carrying out joint dissemination activities.

Once again, actors from different countries and sectors will bring together the different competencies already demonstrated with the success of the pilot project CDB, this time in a new package of three specialised services delivered to all ongoing and closed FP7 and H2020 projects at no cost and fully supported by the European Commission.

The services are conceived to maximise the impact of R&I public investment and further amplify the added value of the Framework Programmes (FPs), helping to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and beyond.

Find out more about Horizon Results Booster and how to take part in this European Commission’s initiative. Click here.

Our role

Trust-IT forms part of the service delivery team and provides a pool of dissemination experts for the bulk of the dissemination-related services.

Experts from Trust-IT are involved mainly in delivering Service 1 Portfolio Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy (PDES) - Module A - Identification and creation of the portfolio of R&I project results, and Module B - Portfolio Dissemination Plan (design and execution). 

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Publication date: 15Sep2022

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