with John Favaro providing a Keynote at Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety CARS2019

18 Sep 2019

On 17 September 2019, Deputy Director John Favaro of Trust-IT gave an invited keynote speech at the 5th International Workshop on Critical Automotive Applications: Robustness & Safety (CARS2019) in Naples, Italy, under the auspices of the 15th European Dependable Computing Conference.

CARS is a forum focusing on architecture, methods and development techniques for safety-related automotive embedded systems and applications. John’s keynote was entitled “From Dependability to Connected and Automated Mobility: We Need to Talk”, with the aim of promoting a bridge between the two communities of critical automotive systems and connected and automated mobility.

John presented the major 5G automotive-related structures in Europe such as the 5G Automotive Association, as well as flagship automotive initiatives including the 5GCAR and 5G-DRIVE projects. He argued that this is a good moment in time for the two communities to undertake cross-fertilization of perspectives, which can lead to progress on similar goals for both communities along the way to autonomous driving and connected mobility.