Small Cells - Trust-IT's last Global5G project webinar

Small Cells - Trust-IT's last Global5G project webinar


Small Cells in the 5G Era


Trust-IT - as coordinator of - is hosting the webinar “Small Cells in the 5G Era” on 17 December 2019. 
This webinar is focused on how Europe can accelerate network densification through the deployment of next-generation small cells helping deliver the necessary micro capacity and coverage.

Europe needs to take steps to enable the deployment of very high-capacity networks that enhance the mobile broadband experience and support high device densities.

Find the Agenda HERE.

Webinar panelists:

  • Caroline Gabriel is a Co-founder of Rethink Technology Research, which focuses on emerging mobile technologies and their impact on operator business models. A former journalist at VNU Business Publishing, the leading European publisher of technology news and magazines, she started her career as a technology journalist and then took senior roles in online publishing and research before focusing full time on wireless industry research and consultancy.
  • Stephanie Parker is the coordinator of the Global5G Project and Senior Research Analyst in Trust-it. 
  • John Favaro is the deputy coordinator of the Global5G Project 

Webinar chair: Stephanie Parker 

Both Stephanie Parker and John Favaro are co-authors of the White Paper on Small cells “How Europe can accelerate network densification for the 5G Era”.

Publication date: 16Dec2019