Successful Final Review of Project

18 Mar 2020

The Coordination and Support Action coordinated by Trust-IT had its successful Final Review on 10 March 2020, with the participation of its consortium partners Aalto University (Finland), inno TSD (France), and IDC (Italy) and an international team of expert reviewers.

The European Union has made it a strategic priority to establish 5G leadership across a growing number of vertical industries, including several in which it has already distinguished itself for excellence in the global economy. The mandate of was to reach out broadly across the European vertical industry landscape, creating networks, connecting key players with each other, organising forums for rich interchange of technical viewpoints and strategies.

The reviewers appreciated the many tools developed within the project. The Verticals Cartography online tool developed by partners Trust-IT and Aalto in has become a 5G Public Private Partnership point of reference for analysing 5G activities across the European Member States, and has now been consulted by over 65 thousand users from around the world. A complementary mapping tool developed by partner inno tsd helps the user to analyse the 5G readiness of Europe and vertical actors across the continent.

A set of webinars hosted by partners Trust-IT and IDC, and featuring respected experts from a wide range of vertical industries, brought the latest insights and interactive discussions to participants, and their recordings, fulling available online, leave a legacy of information.

A set of deliverables focused on vertical industry 5G requirements and current market opportunities and partnerships authored by Trust-IT and its partner, the well-known data research organisation IDC, offered deep analysis of the evolution of 5G markets today. The reviewers noted that our concise, informative reports can be effectively exploited by industry managers who need to get up to speed quickly in the rapidly evolving 5G landscape.

Trust-IT also published on the website a complementary set of international benchmarks created by partner inno-TSD covering the United States, China, and Japan, as well as their special report on 5G energy efficiency. Last but not least, Trust-IT co-authored a number of White Papers on topics ranging from Small Cells deployment to 5G Business Models to 5G automotive deployment feasibility.

Crucial Steps towards 5G Standardisation for Vertical Industries 

Coordinator Trust-IT realised early on that for Europe to achieve 5G leadership it must maintain a strong position within standardisation efforts, particularly in major Standards Organisations such as the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), ETSI, ISO, and CENELEC. To this end, Trust-IT developed the online Standards Tracker to help vertical industries navigate the thickets of 5G standards processes and track the latest developments. In addition, Trust-IT co-organised a ground-breaking series of 5G Vertical User Workshops in Brussels and Rome bringing together a large cross-section of global vertical industries. On top of this, has also worked with on 5G standardisation for digital health and on assessing the impacts of H2020 funding through Open Calls from both a policy and industry perspective. 

Towards FULL5G

The reviewers expressed particular interest in Trust-IT’s comprehensive presentation of Lessons Learned over the course of the project and, especially, its well-articulated plans for the future. Through the curation of its website, has ensured its heritage is taken forward in phase 3 of the 5G PPP.

The valuable material produced over the duration of the project will live on, with appropriate migration to the FULL5G Coordination and Support Action. This transfer of assets guarantees the sustainability of the Global online tools: Verticals Cartography, Standards Tracker, Mapping Tool and new developments of the KPI Performance assessment, which are all key to proving the impacts and ROI for Europe’s public private partnership on 5G. As the review concluded, the reviewers remarked appreciatively that these kinds of comprehensive, structured final project retrospectives and forward planning should be an integral part of any project’s management.