SWForum.eu: Nominated in the 2021 .eu Web Awards

SWForum.eu: Nominated in the 2021 .eu Web Awards


SWForum.eu has been nominated to the 2021 .eu Web Awards, in the LAURELS Category.

Vote for www.swforum.eu for the eighth edition of the .eu Web Awards that will run until 5 August 2021. You can use the search feature to find the SWForum.eu nomination straight away!



The Web Awards represent a great opportunity for .eu domain name holders to showcase their websites. It is an online competition launched in 2014 by EURID (European Registry for Internet Domains) to acknowledge the top .eu websites in 5 dynamic categories.

EURID is the non-profit organisation designated by the European Commission to register web names operating the .eu level domain. Over the years, they have received nominations from over 1200 beautiful and innovative websites that represent the .eu identity in its best light, excellent content, and high-security standards.

The winners, selected by the .eu Web Awards Jury will, among other prizes, receive a billboard campaign at Brussels airport.

Visit webawards.eurid.eu to cast your vote for SWForum.eu for 2021 .eu Web Awards!


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Publication date: 02Aug2021