Trust-IT Unveils Prototype of Online Cybersecurity Learning Platform

03 Jul 2019

In July 2019 Trust-IT will present the prototype of a Cybersecurity Learning Platform at the third General Assembly of the project in Lisbon. is an Innovation Action co-funded by the European Commission H2020 Programme, and its main aim is to create a Cyber Range Platform which will become the Europe-wide reference for cybersecurity professionals in training.

Cyber Range technology is used to simulate cyber attacks, allowing security experts in training to recreate the experience of responding to an incident and assess their performance in a secure, controlled environment. 

The platform under construction will blend the Trust Workspace and the Trust Learning Content Managing System (LCMS), both developed and owned by Trust-IT.

Through the Trust Workspace, users and teams will be able to define their specific training needs. These training needs will be matched against the learning material hosted in the Trust Learning Content Management System and a recommendation made as to the appropriate choice. The combined system will also suggest entire learning paths and provide personalized certificates for successful course completion.

As well as providing its proprietary software, Trust-IT is handling the integration of its two products with the web portal hosted at The team envisages a Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism based on an OpenID Connect module which provides a pluggable client implementation for the OpenID Connect protocol. The idea behind OpenID is to allow a user who has already registered on a major website such as Google to log in to a Drupal site using their Google account information instead of creating a new account.

In addition to the Cyber Range, is also expected to deliver a first-of-a-kind register of cybersecurity professionals in Europe.

Says Trust-IT Director Paolo Lombardi, “We are extremely excited to present our prototype, especially because we have three full-scale pilots from the energy, higher education and transport sectors waiting to swing into action. Collectively, these early adopters represent the needs of a wide range of end-users, including students interested in building a career in cybersecurity, and experienced IT veterans who need to ensure they are properly prepared for a multi-faceted threat landscape. In time we will roll out an Open Pilot Stream to demonstrate the applicability of the platform to other public and private organisations who can significantly benefit from the platform.”

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