Trust-IT will actively support the newly formed EOSC Working Group on Skills & Training

27 May 2020

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is entering its implementation phase with a first iteration of activities being handed over to a new governance structure by the end of 2020. Discussions have expanded to cover the relevant topics on “building competence (skills) and capabilities (training) for EOSC”. Trust-IT is already very active in the capacity building of ICT, in projects such as and with its product line Trust-LCMS it now proudly announces to be part of the brand-new EOSC Executive Board Skills & Training Working Group. 

Rob Carrillo, a Project Manager at Trust-IT since 2017, will join other experts in the group that is chaired and co-chaired by Natalia Manola from OpenAIRE and Vinciane Gaillard from the European University Association. He is now the second person from Trust-IT to join the EOSC Executive Board’s various groups, following Sara Garavelli’s continued participation in the Communications Task Force, also set up by the EOSC Executive Board.





Publication date: 27 May 2020