Upgrades to the Cyberwatching.eu Portal - Improved User Experience and a Window on EU Cybersecurity & Privacy

Upgrades to the Cyberwatching.eu Portal - Improved User Experience and a Window on EU Cybersecurity & Privacy

08 Jul 2019

Trust-IT have enhanced the Cyberwatching.eu online portal with significant new functionality. The site now offers cybersecurity researchers and solutions providers an improved user experience and new ways to promote their services and interact with each other.

The portal was originally launched in 2017 as a single gateway to EU-funded research in the cybersecurity and privacy sector. It was also designed to offer a comprehensive marketplace of cybersecurity & privacy-related information, products and services. The overall aim of the Cyberwatching.eu project, is to promote the understanding and uptake of the products, services and best practices arising from European research, and to enhance synergies and coordination of efforts amongst key decision makers.

Project Hub – New Visibility And Engagement Channel For EU Projects

Trust-IT developers have introduced new functionality in the Project Hub - the repository for 150 current and completed projects. As a result of the upgrades, designed to boost visibility for all projects and encourage sharing and collaboration, project representatives may now update and enrich the content on their dedicated project page by uploading reports, videos, demos and other materials. Contact details may also be uploaded to facilitate direct communication between project personnel and interested parties.

A search facility has also been added to the project catalogue so users can browse the projects by cybersecurity theme. In addition, users who register on the platform will receive regular information updates from projects within their pre-defined categories of major interest.

Project Radar

Another new feature of the Cyberwatching.eu portal is the Project Radar, a visualisation and analysis tool designed at Oxford University as part of the larger Cyberwatching.eu project. The radar uses visualisation software to map the complete landscape of funded cybersecurity projects organised by research theme and positioned in concentric rings to show their status.

The research themes reflect the cybersecurity taxonomy already established within the Cyberwatching.eu project cover the full spectrum of cybersecurity and privacy research.  Users can select a thematic area to view a detailed breakdown of the relevant projects listed according to their position in the lifecycle.

Cybersecurity Marketplace

The Marketplace is a consolidated collection of outputs from completed, EU-funded research projects. It is also a shop window for innovative products and services offered by small and medium sized providers across Europe. New functionality within this area of the portal enables users to register a product or service online and search the marketplace by category. As with the Project Hub, registered users receive information updates about products and services, and also about workshops, webinars and other initiatives featured in the newly designed Events area of the portal. Registration to the marketplace is totally free, giving providers unparalleled visibility and accessibility.

With the plethora of cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation actions ongoing across Europe, there is a strong need for coordination activities which both enhance synergies between projects and also help business owners identify and access those products and services which best serve their cybersecurity requirements. The ongoing upgrades to Cyberwatching.eu are intended to address these requirements with increasing effectiveness as the site develops.