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Next Generation Internet

Imagine drones with sensors and robots that can exchange information and make the data available in almost real-time, improving the way we monitor our seas and rivers. Imagine no more. The European project SUNRISE has deployed these underwater devices to help find missing objects or oil leaks. A key advantage of the drones is that they can be automatically sent to places that are too risky or expensive for human operations. They also improve security of port operations.

Welcome to the Internet of Underwater Things, where IoT devices are low-power, small, cheap and interconnected.


The Next Generation Internet (NGI) is bringing about all sorts of exciting changes to improve quality of life. Smart cities, smart venues for sports, tourism and cultural institutions, IoT and crowdsourcing, online learning to fill the eSkills gap, the connected home, new apps for energy, the food supply chain, and even taxi services are just a few examples. Welcome to the future internet!

Trust-IT is one of the SMEs contributing to the NGI in Europe through CI-FIRE. This brings us into close contact with all the latest developments in the future internet research and experimentation (FIRE) initiative and the future internet public private partnership (FI-PPP). EIT ICT Labs is the strategic link between the FI-PPP and FIRE. The NGI is one of the latest areas where we are bringing our analytical and communication skills, as well as our expertise on cloud.

Our expertise covers:

  • Analysing the NGI landscape in Europe and globally, including business involvement. Supporting the analysis on the sustainability potential of FIRE. This includes practical tips on how and when to create an effective sustainability plan.
  • Leading an exemplary collaboration with EIT ICT Labs and its FanTaaStic Broker Services to create a highly visible example of sustainability. Providing a blueprint for new services joining FanTaaStic, supporting business modelling and measuring impact.
  • Creating business success stories, demonstrating a vibrant and dynamic landscape, where firms are growing and creating spin-offs.

Trust-IT has developed specific know-how on the FI-WARE open technologies, and it promotes such solutions, in conjunction with the FI-PPP / SME Accelerators opportunity, to its network of SMEs, Startups and web-entrepreneurs, by:

  • Analysing each call focus and selecting relevant ones for several small firms in our network interested in applying.
  • Identifying FI-WARE components that the applicants can benefit from using to create innovative IoT solutions.
  • Supporting the application process, market analysis and business models.

Finally, Trust-IT is active to launch and sustain an open consultation of NGI. Through the initiative, we aim to establish and enact an open, dynamic and continuous consultation process with key stakeholder groups on a citizen-centric quest to analyse their views on the Next Generation Internet. is part of a co-ordinated effort of 5 pan-European initiatives acting under direct supervision of the European Commission and is supported by an authoritative multi-disciplinary European Champions Panel (ECP) sharing their expertise to stimulate discussion and help drive forward the priorities for NGI.

A sample of our work