Brief description

Licia Luchini designs and produces hand-tailored unique sweaters, created from top-quality, 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable wool.
Each model is designed and created and finely crafted, with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure a product of excellence.

Aug 2021 Ongoing

Our role

Supporting our controlled company COMMpla, we had a key role on:

  • the development of Licia Luchini's brand and graphic identity, in line with the company vision;
  • the design and development of the new website, based on WordPress technology;
  • the restyling of the website content;
  • the definition of the digital marketing and communication strategy.


The new website layout and content have been designed to draw out the uniqueness of each exquisite garment and the steps in achieving the end result for the customer.
This will enable a more refined communication with potential customers, while increasing Licia Luchini's brand reputation and its online business opportunities.

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