Brief description

As the IT landscape changes, so too do the challenges facing diverse types of organisations. OGF-Europe aims to address these challenges in relation to setting standards for Grid technology and related distributed systems such as virtualisation, automation and service orientation. Furthermore, OGF-Europe will mobilise and expand the Grid European community of researchers, developers, providers, and end-users in both the public & private sector. OGF-Europe will be essential in bringing enterprise and eScience communities together to break down barriers and foster mainstream Grid adoption. Main objectives were to: • Increase Grid adoption in the eScience and enterprise communities and forge greater collaboration between the two communities. • Synchronise requirements across key stakeholder communities, through stronger engagement from Europe. • Accelerate end-user adoption. • Ensure that standards developed are catered to European real-world requirements. • Value the significant innovation in Grid computing that Europe has built so it may be more influential and better recognised globally.

Feb 2009 to Mar 2010
HPC - High-Performance Computing

Our role

Trust-IT, through the OGF-EEIG Euroepan Chapter of the Open Grid Forum was the technical coordinator of OGF-EUROPE, which it designed &  authored. The goal of OGF-EUROPE was to stimulate, co-ordinate and harmonise networked actions on Grid adoption across Europe and globally through reinforcement of the Open Standards message and thus capillary diffusion of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) model to Europe in alignment with OGF mission, strategy and leadership. 

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OGF-Europe - Mobilising and Integrating Communities on Grid Standards & Best Practices Globally” has received funding from the European Commission, under contract number RI-223784