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CCK - Centre de Calcul el Khawarezmi

Since its creation in 1976, the C.C.K. does not stop putting a lot to promote and generalize the custom(usage) of Information technologies and Communication (TRICK) in the university environment(middle) so confirming its place(square) of leader and pioneer in the T.I.C. applied to the search(research), to the pedagogy and to the university services. Since 1997, as Internet service provider, the CCK watched the implementation and the development of the University National Network and Search(Research), and the Internet services for the sector of the scientific higher education and scientific research, after the success of the remote registration(inscription) during the comeback 2006-2007, which has concern 100 % of the student population, the CCK in thrown(launched), from July, 2007, a new application of the remote university orientation for the candidates admitted in the high school diploma, with the proclamation of the results(profits).


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