The Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC - is a non-profit research institution funded in 2005 with the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, that aims at establishing a Center of excellence focused on integrated study of climate change related topics in Italy. It involves and links private and public institutions jointly investigating multidisciplinary topics related to climate science research in order to provide full analyses of climate impacts on various systems such as agriculture, ecosystems, coasts, water resources, health, and economics. Thanks to its networked structure, CMCC brings together highly qualified experts/professionals from different climate research areas in a single unique institution to develop a global and extensive approach to climate research including: mathematics, physics, economics and computer science. The following eight research Divisions work together in an interdisciplinary manner: ASC (Advanced Scientific Computing), CSP (Climate Simulation and Prediction), ECIP (Economic Analysis of Impact and Policy), IAFES (Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystems Services), ODA (Ocean Modelling and Data Assimilation), OPA (Ocean Predictions and Applications), RAS (Risk Assesment and Adaptation Strategies), REMHI (Regional Models and Hydrogeological Impacts). The Advanced Scientific Computing (ASC) Division of CMCC carries out Research & Development activities on Computational Sciences applied to Climate Change. In particular, the Division works both on the optimization of numerical models on HPC architectures and on the design and implementation of open source solutions addressing efficient access, analysis, and mining of large volumes of scientific data in the climate change domain. In this regard, CMCC has developed a big data analytics framework (OPHIDIA) providing parallel data analysis on large volumes of scientific, multidimensional data (e.g. from tera to peta-scale order datasets). CMCC is also member of the European Network for Earth System Modelling (ENES) and partner of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), providing access to 100TB CMIP5 data through its data node deployed at the CMCC Supercomputing Centre. Finally, CMCC is partner of several European projects, such as the EU FP7 IS-ENES2, EUBRAZILCC, CLIP-C and the H2020 INDIGO-DATACLOUD, working on scientific data management infrastructures, big data analytics workflow management systems, server-side data analysis and PaaS for data analytics to address scientific (e.g. climate change domain) use cases. CMCC leads the activities on the design and implementation of a secure, integrated and QoS-based fast and big data cloud platform, bringing expertise in the development of big data frameworks and scientific data management. CMCC will also contribute to the integration of the programming model with the data analytics engine, the definition of optimization-based policies for horizontal and vertical elasticity, and the implementation of data privacy protection solutions at the storage level. CMCC will also work on the identification and validation of requirements, as well as in the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.