The Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR) is a public university funded in 1909 and currently operates in 13 different campuses in the Paraná state of the Brazilian South region. It has around 21,000 students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate courses in all knowledge domains. In particular, the Department of Informatics has around 1,000 students enrolled in the undergraduate courses in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics, and around 200 students enrolled in the graduate courses (Master and Doctorate) in Electrical Engineering and in Computer Science. UTFPR is involved in many research and development projects, some of them involving international cooperation. These R&D activities are managed by UTFPR's support agency Funtefpr. UTFPR is leading the activities related to the use case: ensuring the final use of the complete architecture with city traffic management and georeferenced data. Brazil