Brief description

PHIDIAS - Prototype of HPC/Data Infrastructure for On-demand Services is an H2020 project co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) under the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

PHIDIAS aims at creating access services to increase the HPC and data capacities of the European Data Infrastructure in the context of the Connecting European Framework (CEF) on open data. In particular, in collaboration with all the consortium members, the project will pursue the following objectives:

  • Building a prototype for earth's scientific data and high-performance computing services,
  • Optimise and industrialise treatment workflows for extensive reusability,
  • Ensure open access to standardised HPC services,
  • Improve FAIRisation processes and open access,
  • Develop new data-processing models coupled with HPC capabilities,
  • Deploy data-processing methods as a service for the scientific community.
Sep 2019 to Sep 2022 Ongoing
HPC - High-Performance Computing

Our role

Trust-IT is leading the activity regarding "Dissemination, Impact and Sustainability Path", whose main objective is to disseminate the project's results, maximise its impact, raise awareness for scientific communities, citizens and policymakers and ensure replicability and sustainability of the services. It will be in charge of the communication and outreach activities, of the engagement with user and stakeholder communities, of the EU-wide cross-dissemination and concertation and the sustainability path and funding models.

During M5, Trust-IT delivered the first iteration of the PHIDIAS Communication, Stakeholder and Dissemination Plan which provides a guideline for internal communications between the PHIDIAS Management and Technical Boards entities and the project consortium, and for external communications activities.

Among the key achievements of the project include the launch of the PHIDIAS website. Trust-IT developed a unique access point for any updates about the project, the future of HPC and any big data findings related to Earth Observation, Intelligent Screening of Satellite data and Ocean data management. The site also offers a user-friendly browsing experience for all its stakeholder community, all the partners involved and the general public.

Trust-IT published several articles and videos highlighting the contributions of each partner from the kick-off meeting last September 2019, insight news of the latest developments on the three use cases, and highlights from its first PHIDIAS webinar last February 2020.

This coming June 2020, the first series of webinars on PHIDIAS use cases focusing on Ocean research is taking place in collaboration with Blue-Cloud project. Upcoming webinars will be announced in synergy with relevant EOSC and HPC projects.


  • 690+ LinkedIn followers
  • 250+ Twitter followers
  • 250+ participants (mostly from HPC Research institues and academia) in the 4 Webinar carried out in 2020/2021
  • 110+ registered users in the website among EC-funded projects, HPC experts, the general public, media, etc.
  • +20% YoY website visitors
  • 7000+ Video views on Youtube

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The PHIDIAS project has received funding from the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility under grant agreement n° INEA/CEF/ICT/A2018/1810854.