Brief description 2023 will build on the success and momentum of the precursor 2018-20 initiative to advance and create a truly consolidated European Standardisation Ecosystem.

This will be secured through a rigorous, 36-month workplan geared to deliver on three main levels:

  • Launch of the Fellowship Programme, a series of 10 Open Calls, providing 3 million Euro of much-needed funding to support and incentivise participation of European standardisation specialists in key international and global SDOs and consortia, really making their voice heard.

  • Creation of the ICT Standardisation Observatory – (EUOS) providing an exhaustive mapping of the global Standards arena in a range of crucial technological domains made possible by the reinforced EU presence in the international ICT Standardisation scene through Fellowship Programme and strengthened synergies with ongoing programmes at an EU and national level.
  • Shaping “the next generation of European Standards experts” through education initiatives and training, aiming ultimately to become a key reference point for engagement in ICT Standards activities both for industry and Academia
Sep 2020 to Aug 2023 Ongoing
Big Data
Data Management
ICT Standards
International Cooperation & Networking
Policy & Analysis
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role 2023 will achieve its objectives through a set of activities, organised in Work Packages and consistent with its CSA nature, building on the strategic network developed with SMEs, Industry Associations, National Standards Associations, SDO Working Groups and Academia facilitating the access to the available state-of-the art and making efficient use of EU resources.

As Project Coordinator, Trust-IT will lead WP1 dedicated to managing all of the project’s administrative and technical aspects, such as knowledge and intellectual property, continuous risk and conflict management and self-assessment. It is also responsible for the engagement and management of the External Pool of Evaluators (EPE), who will assess applications received to the Fellowship Programme, and the establishment and running of the prestigious 2023 External Advisory Group (EAG).

Trust-IT will also bring its expertise in managing cascade funding under 2018-2019 project and similar initiatives to lead WP3 which will deliver, via its open call process and customised TRUST-GRANTS™ platform, the “Standardisation Fellowship Programme”, the cascade funding to be provided through the 10 Open Calls of 2023, enabling ICT Standards experts to contribute effectively to ICT standards efforts.

Moreover, given Trust-IT’s core capabilities in communications and connections with key European & global players in the ICT Standards domain and strong involvement in different ICT DSM topics, it will also head up WP4 for the general dissemination strategy of the project including, communicating details of the open calls, organising workshops and events, communicating outputs of the funded experts to a wider audience outside of, and ensuring the global visibility of the benefits, as well as overall impacts achieved.

Trust-IT will also bring its’ experience gained in developing the pilot Standards Watch under the 2018-2019 initiative to help develop the Standardisation Observatory (EUOS) foreseen under WP2.

Finally, Trust-IT will lead the sustainability task under WP5 aiming to create a truly European Standardisation Ecosystem to ensure the sustainability of the project beyond its lifetime building on activities already initiated in the 1st phase of and exploring possible models to support 2023 to become a sustainable activity in the future.

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The 2023 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation programme - under grant agreement no. 951972.