Brief description

TLF-XLAM it’s part of the Timber lab s.r.l. holding. It promotes and stimulates the "Tuscan wood supply chain", using Douglasia timber from the Tuscan Forest in its productions. The use of renewable materials, managed with sustainability criteria, sees the company's ethical commitment combined with a strong technological impregnation. All this materializes in the choice of producing panels for structural use, identified on the market as: Wood Panels X-LAM or CLT (acronym for Cross Laminated Timber). TLF-XLAM it’s able to offer itself, on the national market of semi-finished wood products, as a valid alternative to foreign productions.

May 2018
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Digital Marketing & Communication
Graphics & Promotion
Web-based Solutions

Our role

We created the new website, which aims at offering an improved User Experience and at simplifying the User Journey. The website, entirely cross-device, uses Drupal 8 recent features to guarantee security, reliability and accessibility.

Our team of Communication Specialists created all contents and images, paying attention to Local SEO,which requires the implementation of an organic positioning strategy to optimise the Local Search of the website.

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