Trust Products LCMS

Provide your target community of users a sophisticated and cost-effective tool to deliver customised training courses. Our TRUST-LCMS solution based on the open source Moodle, is a self-contained, flexible Learning Content Managing System (LCMS) that can easily be accessed under login and password by your trainees. It can also be integrated to your website with a Single sign-on (SSO), to provide seamless access to online courses.
Courseware can be in SCORM format and Trust-IT can deliver this module for you as an end-to-end solution.

Teach, test, reward

Deliver your courses to selected audiences, manage your virtual classes.

Can be tailored to the needs of the training path you want to establish for your students.

Mix training activities in the customised path: slides, videos, interactive sessions, can all be part of the training path, each with a test phase at the end of them.

Automatic issuing of the certification/diploma you choose to deliver after successful completion of the course.

Courses uploaded in SCORM format (easily generated, for instance, from MS PowerPoint™ files).

LCMS - eLearning module for capacity building

The homepage of a trainee, with its easy-to use interface to access the courses.

From the dashboard of the trainer, you can manage your courses and your students.

LCMS - eLearning module for capacity building