Selected Publications

Leveraging on its expertise and in-house thought leaders, Trust-IT has authored and contributed to the production of multiple publications that are being used today as references or as input for policy making in Europe.

A BIRD’S EYE: ICT STANDARDISATION IN AI 2023 releases the first in a series of timely Landscape Reports on Standardisation advancements, kick starting with Artificial Intelligence (AI), with another 5 in the pipeline…Read more

FAIR Assessment and Certification in the EOSC region Report

The report contains the information presented and comprehensively documents the challenges, the lessons learned, and the recommendations from the InfraEOSC-5 projects regarding the activities underway in the EOSC region on FAIR data assessment and certification.Read more

A FinalResults Brief Booklet

This CDB booklet has been produced by Trust-IT Services, leader of the Common Dissemination Booster (CDB), funded by the European Commission. The booklet provides examples of dissemination outputs delivered by Trust-IT Services in collaboration with CDB project clusters.


...Read more

The StandICT.Eu: Legacy & Road Ahead To 2023

A Booklet to collect all "Best Practices & Lessons Learned" on, the first European funded project that supported ICT Standards Specialists in bringing their expertise to worldwide SDOs and SSOs.Read more

Policy Briefs from the Common Dissemination Booster

This Policy Brief Compilation booklet has been produced by Trust-IT Services, provider of the Common Dissemination Booster, funded by the European Commission. The Policy Briefs have been written by projects and project groups that took part in the Common Dissemination Booster.Read more

Final Impact Report: Europe’s Contributions To ICT Standardisation Globally - Impacts From StandlCT.Eu Funding delivered this impact report as a lasting legacy of the project from individual European ICT Standardisation contributions that brings together the complete list of the 178 funded European applicants who have diligently contributed European excellence within Standardisation efforts...Read more

A Model-Based Approach Across the IoT Lifecycle for Scalable and Distributed Smart Applications

S Mazzini (Intecs S.p.A.), J Favaro (Trust-IT Services), L Baracchi (Intecs S.p.A)

An early paper co-authored by Trust-IT senior consultants John and Laura.
A model-based methodology is presented for providing effective and efficient property-preserving...Read more


The initiative covers key ICT Standardisation priority areas with further focus on specific vertical sectors. The Call topics follow predominantly the 5 main domains of the European Digital Single Market as well as the priority areas as outlined in the 2019 Rolling Plan for ICT...Read more

Cloudscape Brazil 2018, 25-26 July, Natal - The Impact of 5G on Vertical Industry Sectors, July 2018 Authors: John Favaro, Stephanie Parker, Andrea Schillacci, Trust-IT Services Ltd and

Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network technologies are destined to play a transformative role in our daily lives, bringing us myriad new services on our smartphones, tablets, and televisions. But the truly transformative effect of 5G will happen through its role in digitizing industry. The...Read more

Clouds for science and public authorities

Clouds for science and public authorities

The European policy strategy for the implementation of the ERA and the pursuit of excellence in science by Horizon 2020 reflect the increasing relevance of scientific and research activities for growth and innovation. The development of e-infrastructures across Europe is becoming an enabling...Read more