The initiative covers key ICT Standardisation priority areas with further focus on specific vertical sectors. The Call topics follow predominantly the 5 main domains of the European Digital Single Market as well as the priority areas as outlined in the 2019 Rolling Plan for ICT...Read more

Cloudscape Brazil 2018, 25-26 July, Natal - The Impact of 5G on Vertical Industry Sectors, July 2018 Authors: John Favaro, Stephanie Parker, Andrea Schillacci, Trust-IT Services Ltd and

Fifth Generation (5G) wireless network technologies are destined to play a transformative role in our daily lives, bringing us myriad new services on our smartphones, tablets, and televisions. But the truly transformative effect of 5G will happen through its role in digitizing industry. The...Read more

Sustaining iMarine: a Public Partnership led Business Model

iMarine Project sustainability Whitepaper Biro, T., Garavelli, S., Hanahoe, H., Parker, S. (2014)Read more

Clouds for science and public authorities

Clouds for science and public authorities

Final Technical Report of the study “Clouds for science and public authorities” more

Business Feasibility Study for 5G V2X Deployment

Mikael Fallgren (Ericsson), Konstantinos Manolakis (Huawei)

Andrés Laya (Ericsson), Konstantinos Manolakis (Huawei), Gorka Vélez (Vicomtech), Mikael Fallgren (Ericsson), Shane He (Nokia Bell-Labs), John Favaro (Trust...Read more


Trials WG Members organizations contributing to the Trials Roadmap Strategy ABB, ADVA Optical Networking, Ahlers, Airbus, Altice Labs, Atos, Avanti Communications Group plc, BMW, Bosch, BT, COMSA, Deutsche Telekom, DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe, Engineering, Ericsson, Eurescom,...Read more

Advances in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing: Workshops of ESOCC 2015

EU-BrazilCloudConnect: A Federated e-Infrastructure for Cross-Border Science - Roberto G. Cascella, Stephanie Parker, Silvana Muscella - TRust-IT Services Ltd, Middlesex.

...Read more

Building STRONG CYBERSECURITY in the European Union - European CommissionRead more

Innovators shaping the next generation internet The Early Adopters Club

Trust-IT Services - Paolo Lombardi, Silvana Muscella, Sara Pittonet, Stephanie Parker, Cristina Mancarella.Read more’s Self-Assessment Tool for Energy & Environmental Efficiency in the ICT Sector

Laura Baracchi, Claudio Casanovi, Paolo Lombardi, Silvana Muscella, Alessandro Petrocelli.
Trust-IT Services Chase Green House, 42, Chase Side, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6NF, United Kingdom.
International Journal of Contemporary ENERGY, Vol. 4, No. 1 (2018).Read more

Cloud Computing, Principles, Systems and Applications, Series Computer Communications and Networks

Antonopoulos, Nikolaos; Gillam, Lee (Eds.), Springer, 1st Edition., 2010, XVI, 398 p., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-84996-240-7 - Cloud Computing – Data Confidentiality and Interoperability Challenges  – co-authored by Silvana Muscella & Fabrizio Gagliardi Read more

Prompting an EOSC in practice

Prompting an EOSC in Practice” - Interim & final report & recommendations on the European Open Science Cloud on behalf of the 2nd EOSC HLEG. Print:  ISBN 978-92-79-94835-0 doi:10.2777/620195 KI-03-18-339-EN-C; PDF: ISBN 978-92-79-94836-7 doi:10.2777/112658 KI-03-18-339-EN-N. Authors:...Read more