1st StandICT.eu Open Call: Grants available to support to EU specialists involved in ICT standardisation activities

23 May 2018

This is the first of ten tenders that will be launched by StandICT.eu over the next two year period with the aim of promoting European expertise in international standardization activities as per the priorities established by the European Commission. StandICT seeks to enhance collaboration and information exchanges between experts and reinforce European presence in the international ICT standardization process. Specifically, it is a response to the Digital Single Market Strategy adopted in 2015 that seeks to promote European competitiveness through standardization.

Topic of the first Open call

Each year, the European Multi-stakeholders Platform, which advises the European Commission on matters related to ICT standardization policy, issues the ICT Rolling Plan on ICT Standardization. This document seeks to identify actions to support the convergence between standardization activities and European policy goals. On 26 March, the European Commission issued the 2018 Rolling Plan which identifies 170 actions organised around four thematic areas. Within these four areas, 30 technology domains have been identified including the five priorities of the European Commission:

  • 5G
  • Cloud computing
  • Public sector information, open data and big data
  • Internet of things
  • Cybersecurity / network and information security

For the first tender, StandICT is inviting applicants to provide proposals that address the priority areas outlined in the 2018 Rolling Plan.


The grant is open to specialists with proven experience in standardization activities representing both the public and private sectors in Europe. The first tender is open until 29 May 2018. This will be followed by a 30 day application assessment period to be conducted by a group of independent evaluators. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 28 June. Financial support available is up to EUR 8.000 and can be used for long- and short-term projects.

Further information is available on StandICT.eu website.