Trust-IT is an international marketing & research organisation specialised in fostering Information and Communication Technology solutions across Europe and globally

Sustainability Strategies

Are you spinning out a new business and need to write a business plan but think this is challenging and time consuming? Being able to turn a funded project into a business or market new products/services is highly challenging. We help you pick the right options and business model and come up with a compelling plan for your business. Trust-It can support you with the following services:
  • Business Modelling & Planning: We tailor our business planning services to suit your needs and budget. We help you optimise your strategy, research and analyse your competitive position in the market. We create a clear and compelling business plan to articulate new opportunities.
  • Cross-fertilisation & Concertation Actions: Identifying, mapping and animating cross disciplinary and thematic synergies and areas of mutual collaboration and cooperation.
  • Grass Rooting: Supporting and nurturing the development and evolution of research results and concepts to the defined market.

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