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Trust-IT designs & delivers an innovative, custom-built ICT Platform to guarantee secure management and a dynamic intranet in School Insurance Brokerage operations

Risk management, trust and security are critical topics effecting businesses at a global level. When it comes to offering insurance brokerage services to public administrations (e.g. schools), counting on a state-of-the-art ICT platform is vital not only to successfully manage a company’s workflow, but also to be at the height of the PA’s expectations in terms of reliability, safety and flexibility.
Trust-IT has been putting into practice its ICT experience for decades, but this is the first time it’s applied to a private business strictly related to the Public Administration field.
CRM Logica Insurance Broker Tecnobroker Log

Our Italian clients Logica Insurance Broker Srl and Tecnobroker Log Srl, who specialise as Insurance Brokers for Schools, who have now become leaders on the national market. As their market grows they have wanted to go one step further to achieve an even more accurate management of their portfolio of PA clients and related projects and have turned to us to support them to raise the security level of these operations. 


We have built for them an ICT Management platform that will initiate an industrialisation process to automatize most of the company procedures, that will:
  • Improve their productivity;
  • Promote the company’s know-how;
  • Increase safety of operations;
  • Employ an ICT infrastructure to reduce costs.
Trust-IT has also supported Logica and Tecnobroker to develop and implement their intranet, crucial to manage their daily workflow. The intranet is built on a management platform entirely customised on the companies’ operative needs, and from this they will be able to have full control on their database of clients and prospects as well as to be able to send out relevant documentation. The platform is structured as follows:
  • Integrated core solution: at the core, there is an intranet with structured database and web interface
  • Complementary services: consisting of a calendar, email system, parsers and VOIP/PBX phone system
  • Additional services: consisting of weekly reporting and integration with Slack.
Contact us if this is something you’re looking at developing in your organisation - our strength lies in our custom made, ready to use approach & being able to pull out precisely the clients’ requirements by listening to them. #BlowPeopleAway

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