UX: Always improving & striving for best results from the best!

UX: Always improving & striving for best results from the best!

21 Oct 2021
UX: Always improving & striving for best results from the best!

Based on estimates, the average person spends about 192 minutes every day online (155 through mobile and 37 through Desktop). Following this data it’s clear that the User Experience (UX) online is key for every website's success. 

If you need convincing, here are some other statistics showing the centrality of UX to every business process:

But what is UX, precisely?
Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen from Nielsen Norman Group define it as follows:

"User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products."

At Trust-IT Services we have always had a never stop learning approach, that is why we decided to do a course to enhance our professional UX skills thanks to the team at ux.boutique

  • The initial lesson was dedicated to UX Strategy methodology and Return of Investment (ROI). Here we covered the main UX techniques, the right mix to deliver an effective UX consultancy and how to calculate the UX ROI.  

  • The second lesson covered UX & Usability best practices and guidelines but also usability mistakes and what needs to be avoided in UX. It also covered how to plan a user test and how to read its results. 

  • In the third lesson we learnt how to conduct user research through surveys, interviews and ethnographic research. Then some different ways of how to report the research results, define personas and gather all the user requirements were presented. 

  • Once we gathered all the users’ requirements, we started to use some UI Design tools such as Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma. 

  • In the final lesson we learnt the importance of UX Writing and Microcopy in transmitting the most important messages and instructions to the users. 

  • There was a final workshop where we had the chance to work on real examples with the supervision of the UX Experts.

If you are looking for some quick tips on how to improve your UX then you should read this article, where we share 5 useful basic UX strategies to apply on your website.

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Publication date: 21 Oct 2021