White Papers

Capitalising on its in house resources, Trust-IT has authored several white papers and blueprints that have been the used as reference documents for policy making or implementation, and research activities.


Recommendations for a FAIR EOSC - White Paper FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force

In this White Paper, the FAIRsFAIR main recommendations are taken a step further and mapped against three priorities identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the EOSC (SRIA) and the relevant Task Forces under the EOSC Association, to facilitate their impact and uptake. 

The StandICT.Eu: Legacy & Road Ahead To 2023

A Booklet to collect all "Best Practices & Lessons Learned" on StandICT.eu, the first European funded project that supported ICT Standards Specialists in bringing their expertise to worldwide SDOs and SSOs.

Policy Briefs from the Common Dissemination Booster

This Policy Brief Compilation booklet has been produced by Trust-IT Services, provider of the Common Dissemination Booster, funded by the European Commission. The Policy Briefs have been written by projects and project groups that took part in the Common Dissemination Booster.

Mission Critical Communications – Towards 5G, Pre-commercial Procurement and the Integration of Satellite Communications

Mission-critical communications, primarily used by law enforcement, public safety and security agencies, such as police, fire, ambulance and the...

5G Business Models and Opportunities for SMEs as savvy providers of 5G applications and services

The imminent arrival of 5G will bring disruption in business models for incumbent operators and verticals alike. While opportunities will surely...

Global5G.org White Paper on Small cells

This White Paper on Small Cells for 5G investigates the evolving small cell ecosystem, showing how network densification can be accelerated with...

View on 5G Architecture - 5G PPP Architecture Working Group

This white paper has a special focus on understanding the requirements from vertical industries involved in phase 2 projects of the 5G public...


This white paper covers NGI-related technologies and human values through the lens of the NGI community, European Champions Panel, Early Adopters...

Cybersecurity standard gap analysis

The European landscape and international perspectives on cybersecurity standards today.

Privacy-preserving techniques for nocompromise security in the cloud

Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT Services
Plixavra Vogiatzoglou, KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law
Rafael Mulero, Fundació Clínic per a...