Common Dissemination Booster Service 2 - Stakeholder/End-User MappingService 2 - Stakeholder/End-User Mapping
Identify and prioritise your stakeholders and build the networks you need to reach them.

Want to maximise the impact of your coordinated dissemination effort?
Find out who are the principal players and movers you need to address: the CDB will help you figure out the main dissemination channels, multipliers and networks most appropriate for your Project Group.

Pre-requisites: Portfolio of research results of CDB Project Group (or output from CDB Service 1).

STEP 1 - Data Collection
Follow a 2-hour on-line course to identify/categorise your stakeholders, understand different levels of engagement and dissemination channels.
Learn how to map your research outputs to stakeholder groups and dissemination networks.

STEP 2 - Analysis
Let the CDB experts analyse your Project Group’s stakeholder landscape and prioritise your engagement effort depending on stakeholders’ level of interest and capacity to influence the scene.

STEP 3 - Convergence
Join the CDB for a stimulating half-day virtual meeting to understand and agree on the stakeholders and dissemination networks mapping for your CDB Project Group.

STEP 4 - Stakeholder and Dissemination Network Mapping
Obtain your take-away: a tailored list of contacts and multipliers for dissemination of results. A report on the methodology and strategies to overcome possible barriers to successful dissemination.

Common Dissemination Booster Service 2 Stakeholder/End-User Mapping


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