Trust-IT is committed to driving forward new ideas and pinpointing market opportunities. It has gained immeasurable expertise in ICT areas, covering both the technological and human interaction aspects and creating innovative business models & exploitation plans. Trust-IT has a long-lasting, in-depth know-how into conducting market research and analysis with a wide variety of stakeholders. 
  • Market Research & Technology Radar: Assessing ICT research & policy, shedding light on new services and related business models. Analysing the sustainability potential of complex ICT systems, such as test facilities and e-infrastructures. This includes legal and IPR issues. We also conduct analysis and give you the tools you need to understand what key stakeholders you need in the value chain as well as your key competitors, how they market their services/products, how they differentiate themselves in their marketing efforts, and what kind of market share they possess;
  • Policy & ICT Standards Reports: Analysis of ICT standards, gap analysis and implementation plans, leveraging strong links to relevant standards groups. Identifying common goals and priorities, supporting common approaches, such as standards, contractual issues, and energy efficiency metrics. Contributing to new funding programmes, both at the European and international levels, highlighting research and policy priorities;
  • Roadmaps: Drafting a high-level well-structured roadmap to deliver a clear overview on goals & deliverables, pinpointing potential risks and dependencies;
  • Action Plans: After identifying your top priorities and needs, we support you drafting an efficient action plan, designed to achieve your specific goals;
  • Benchmarking & Positioning: Providing in-depth analysis on new ICT market trends, benchmarking, positioning and feasibility, including challenges and strategies to help address them and identify market gaps and new opportunities;
  • Cartographies: geographical, policy and/or thematic analysis of strategies, initiatives, legislation and policies including comparative and gap analysis, definition of challenges and recommendations.