Managing public debates, working groups, and fora

The complete platform to handle public consultations and debates.
TRUST-FORUM + with its embedded functionalities of moderated discussion fora, online surveys, tagging, knowledge base management, search facilitates and more, is the ideal solution for setting up and managing a content-driven discussion with the public, may that be a specialised research community, an industrial group, or just ordinary citizens.

The platform for your public consultation

Organise, promote, archive, distill, and nurture public discussions.

Can be customised to the specific needs of the open consultation.

Users can the segmented and receive badges depending on the contribution they offer to the consultation effort.

Online surveys can be organised as part of the consultation.

Users can interact in various ways. They can start an original discussion or contribute to it, vote, like, dislike, and more.

Next Generation Internet Initiative consultation.ngi Groups

The public-side of the open consultation platform, showing the various discussion fora and the detailed comments of one of them.

(the present instance is the one implemented for the NGI – Next Generation Internet Initiative

The dashboard for managing the community of contributors to the consultation.
You can also organise and analyse online surveys from TRUST-CONSULTATION.

Consultation.ngi_.eu_Comments Consultation.ngi_.eu_Backend