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Are you organising open calls for proposals or a HORIZON EUROPE or DIGITAL EUROPE cascading-grants process? This is the customisable solution you are looking for!

Managing open call cycles

Rank and manage the applications you receive with this multi-user platform and its online processes

Can be customised to the specific needs of your open call.

Monitors the progress report of the selected applicants.

All administration steps can be followed (e.g., eligible, under evaluation, approved, monitored), including funding steps.

Provides password-protected access to proposers, independent evaluators, and call managers.

Trust-IT Grants Platform homepage

Cockpit of the call manager. Specific roles can be assigned within the dashboard according to the rights and need of the managers involved. The administrators have full access rights and can peruse all the information concerning the existing applications and the applicant’s profiles. A user-friendly panel guides each user to perform his/her tasks according to the respective rights, i.e. to filter its own applications, see the calls results, access the periodic reports or activate a filtered view, with an enhanced user experience.

Administration & Funding. Thanks to the TRUST-GRANTS™ Platform, all the user profiles are stored and managed in one single place, allowing an easy and fair tracking of the information in each single phase of the Open Calls workflow. The platform allows an easy management of the status of the applications (e.g., eligible, under evaluation, approved, monitored) and the subsequent funding steps are described.

Trust-IT Grant Plaftorm - call administration
Trust-IT Grants platform - evaluator application

Proposals evaluation dashboard. The TRUST-GRANTS™platform becomes the principal interface for the received applications. The selected evaluators are able, by accessing their own profile, to see the applications they have been assigned to (but not the concurrent ones assigned to other reviewers), and perform their evaluation. A comments option is available on the voting system, allowing evaluators to motivate their choice to the other voting partners.  After the closure of each call, a ranking of the applications helps determine which one has been approved for funding. Applicants can track the status of their application directly from their dashboard. Moreover, an instant message functionality allows direct contact with the administrators.   

A Streamlined Monitoring Reporting System. After the applicants have been selected for funding, the platform still continues to be the primary environment for assessment and monitoring of the open call results: applicants are invited to upload all the periodic reports eventually foreseen in their dedicated space and make them available for the users in charge of monitoring. The monitoring system allows managers & partners to easily access the funded reports and insert comments.  

Trust-IT Grants Plaftorm - Monitoring Reporting System