The right branding strategy will help you build a stronger presence, both online and offline. This is achieved with the right combination of brand identity –built over time- and marketing communication activities. Trust-IT will support you from a strategic point of view (branding) and a tactical one (promotion):
  • Event organisation & Promotion: We’ll help you to get the best out of your event. Be it a meeting, workshop or conference, we’ll ensure a dynamic, content-rich & stimulating event. From agenda design, targeted speaker & participant recruitment, online presence, on-site management, social event organisation, networking opportunities, press and media coverage as well as pre- & post-impact reporting;
  • Graphic & Brand Identity: Having the right look for your initiative is key. Catchy pay-offs, sublime logos and exciting design will mean that you have the most eye-catching & memorable image;
  • International Press & Media Coverage: With more than 1000+ specialised journalists with coverage over more than 25 countries, we will disseminate your services, products and news to targeted users at an international scale.